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Our Story


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7R - the explorers gene. 

the nomadic gene. 

The RESTLESS gene.

The gene mutation argued to be responsible for insatiability. The reason why we train and are never satisfied with the mundane.


The building block for our entire ethos.  

Taking cues from performance centres built for elite sport, we curate our facilities to allow members to train like the best.


A far cry from line after line of cross-trainers in high street gyms or packed out and impersonal classes, our coaching standards of practice and carefully selected, performance-focused equipment caters to the aims of every athlete.


7R Performance, founded by two brothers with a total dedication to fitness, has come a long way since it's early days of classes in their parents' garage.


Delivering countless bootcamps in parks, dedicating years of learning to functional fitness and sport performance until finally developing and enthusing a team of passionate coaches to get on board with the vision. 


7R  exists to improve people's lives through fitness.

So why not get in touch and 

explore your potential.

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