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Attila marton

Hi I’m Attila yep.. like the Hun. 


I’ve always been an outdoor kid, whilst others were playing video games, I was out riding my BMX or climbing every tree like a maniac. Then I spent my teenage years on the dance floor as a professional Hip-hop dancer. Eventually I started my own dance crew with whom we won a number of national and international competitions. After all this, it was only natural for me to go study Recreation and Health Management at Uni and a PT course after. I can help with a wide range of areas including muscle gain, body composition, mobility and flexibility. Due to my dance background, I have a special interest in the last two. I thoroughly enjoy motivating others, and I believe that training can be both effective and fun at the same time. My goal is to be your coach and not just your trainer; let’s reach your most powerful version of you together! 


Fun fact: when I’m not at the gym I like to work on my personal development, hang out with my super crazy Frenchie Vincent, and cook delish meals.

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