fitness training

These classes are fun and fast. Expect to get sweaty and feel a burn as you get taken through a session working on both strength and fitness.

This class is for anyone who wants to get fitter and look fitter too.



Focused on the big lifts of Snatch and Clean + Jerk with some accessory and strength work to complete the programme.


This class is for anyone who wants to shift some serious weight. 

Small group pt

From 2 to 8 people per session. These classes are for those who want to dial in on something specific. Different coaches offer different SGPT options.

This class is for anyone who wants to make great changes to their fitness, and fast. 

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Please note, we are not an 'open gym' - this is a private training facility where ALL sessions must be booked in advance. This includes members and drop-ins.


Find, and book into, our live schedule here. 

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