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Big hair, big energy, big gap between my teeth...


Originally a member at 7R, I loved the ethos and enthusiasm so much I made it my goal to become a coach here!


I've always loved being active and you can usually find me out in the wind and rain, getting sweaty and muddy or climbing, crawling, sprinting, dragging or pushing my way through some messy workout!


My fitness experience has been hugely varied including, traditional weight training, track and athletics at county level, long distance running (including a relay from Birmingham to London) and Muay Thai Kickboxing for 4 years. More recently I've trained CrossFit, swam with a team training to swim the channel (pre-COVID!), spent several years training with the Army Reserve and now have a strong focus on Calisthenics, Gymnastics and OCR!


As a coach I now aim to equip others with the physical and mental toolkit to take on the challenges that life throws at you (or that you sign yourself up for!).


I'm all about every day gains; pain free mobility, day-to-day strength and fitness confidence something I'll instil you through personal coaching whilst working toward any long term goals you have (got some ideas? Let's have a chat!)!


Fitness has been a huge part of my life and when it's done right, the rewards are monumental.

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