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Marcell toth

Hey I'm Coach Marcell!


Looking at the bigger picture, the ultimate connection between a balanced, joyous life, mental wealth and the ability to overcome obstacles or to create challenges that inspires us is fairly simple.


We gotta keep lifting!

We have to get dirty, we have to chase it, and we better enjoy it, otherwise what's the point!


My weapon is Functional Fitness spiced with Weight Lifting and Endurance training. The aim is to find what you enjoy the most when it comes to training and progression so that will allow you to work as hard and as long as it takes to get you to the next level, improve your physical state and keep things organised in your head.


Building an ultimate system of good habits eg: the way you are training and your diet or the mindset you are in is the key to be able to win over and over again!


Let me know when you are ready and let's train!

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