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felix ogeah

Felix played football both professionally & semi-professionally for 9 years, only stopping after two knee injuries. He took the second as a chance to develop an in-depth understanding of health, fitness & nutrition which enabled him to build a rehab programme for himself as well as to inherit the correct habits & discipline needed to achieve his overall goal. This sparked his decision to become a coach with the aim to change as many lives as he can through health and fitness. He believes that with hard work, a positive mindset and consistency, you can achieve any goal.


"Fitness is important for our health and for our future, so it shouldn’t be something we don’t enjoy. The mind is the most important part of achieving any fitness goal."


With 5 years experience as a personal trainer & over 3000 hours of delivered 1-1 coaching he has the ability to motivate from a mental aspect and deliver results in a fun way so that clients feel comfortable. 

He knows we are all individuals with different goals who require different kinds of motivation and support so he pushes according to your current fitness levels and goals you want to achieve.  

Felix specialises in:

Muscle Gain and Weight Loss
Strength and conditioning
Injury Rehabilitation
Sports Specific Training
Mobility Training
Nutrition For Health & Performance 


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