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joe brooker

Joe traces his love of sport back to early school days where it was the one thing that really lit him up. After a training session with friends who lifted, he was hooked. Becoming a serious talent he found himself training under the watchful eyes of Andrew Callard, Terry Tucker and Richard Hare; three of the best weightlifting coaches in the UK.


Joe won the British championship, despite being flagged as 'too tall' for the sport, largely due to an insatiable work ethic. He represented England and was part of the gold medal-winning squad. 


His knowledge of Olympic Lifting has been built from a decade spent around some of the UK's best weightlifters.


This love for the sport now sees him running his own Weightlifting Club at 7R. He's keen to introduce absolute beginners to the sport, develop athletes of all levels and ultimately help people get to competitions. 

If you're interested in joining the Lifting Club, or want Joe to oversee your Personal Training hit the button below and he'll be in touch.

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