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josh brewster

From as young as I can remember, physical activity and sport have always been a part of my life. Whether it was outrunning the girls in nursery, winning a harmless game of tag or scoring a goal in playground football, I’ve always loved the feeling of physical exertion and accomplishment. As this competitive spirit was noticeable from early, I pretty much tried every sport there is. However, the sports that resonated most with me were swimming and football. Throughout my swimming career, I was able to represent Greenwich borough and Kent as well as compete at the London regionals year after the year. Though I no longer swim competitively, I currently play non-league football on a Saturday. Who doesn’t love a bit of cold, rainy football every weekend? 


From my years in sport and the completion of a sport science degree, I am well equipped in being able to provide a fun yet productive environment for a variety of people. I believe training should be hard but enjoyable. Love  the process and the results will always follow! You’ll probably find me zoned in, training on the gym floor, but don’t be afraid to come and say hi. I’m always up for a quick chat!


Let’s smash your health and fitness goals together. For me, there’s not a more rewarding feeling. 

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