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We're a dedicated team of fitness professionals. When you come to a coach at 7R you're talking to a professional who takes your life, character and goals into consideration to help you get from where you are to where you want to be in a realistic time-frame. We don't do 8 week plans, we don't do crash diets, we're not your cheerleaders.

We know that enjoyable training is the way to success. It takes a certain type to carry on training if you hate what you're doing, we will make sure you get from it what you need to justify a commitment. We will improve your life through fitness and we don't think there's a better place in London to do it. You won't regret a decision to get in touch about private coaching - check out some of the testimonials on each coach's page by clicking their picture below. 


Personal Training and Academy coach. Functional fitness and Olympic lifting for competitively-minded athletes. 


Personal Training and Academy coach.

Functional fitness, body transformation and longevity-focused training.


Personal Training. 

Degree in Human Biology - Loughborough.


Personal Training and small group personal training. 


Olympic Lifting Club Coach

& Personal Training


Personal Training


Fundamentals Academy for newcomers to Functional Fitness. Marcell is here for everyone who fancies CrossFit and is keen to learn where they need to start!

Personal Training also available.


'10Essential' Foundation Academy for gym-novices. Matt is Mr Approachable and here to help you get to terms in the gym and start your road to fitness! Personal Trainer, too.


could this be you?

We are always pleased to see potential group fitness coaches and personal trainers. Please get in touch


Personal Training

Degree in Sports & Exercise Science - UoK.

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