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We have done our best to anwser the most commonly asked questions above, however if you can't find the anwser to your question, please don't hesitate to reach out below! 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 7R is located within the Royal Arsenal Riverside, Woolwich.

  • Energy & Enthusiasm! Lots of it!


    Aside from the above, workout kit and suitable trainers are a must, this may vary from session to session.


    I.e For running dominant sessions, running trainers such as Hoka's or Saucony will be advantageous, whereas if a session is very barbell dominant, you may benefit from a pair of lifters or a less cushioned trainer such as a Nike Metcon.


    If in doubt, don't be afraid to get in touch and ask!

  • Absolutely! If you are unsure about leaving any personal belongings behind, please do feel free to bring a padlock, or alternately one can be purchased from our front of house.

  • Yes, but they are minimal so please bare this in mind if you plan on heading straight into the office off the back of a sweaty session!

  • A package is a single or group of sessions that you can use as and when before they expire. The expiry length kicks in from the day of purchase.


    A membership is a reoccurring payment that allows you to attend a certain number of classes a month. Your session allowance doesn't roll over, however, you can choose the best package to suit you to ensure you always get the most out of your training!


    Holding a membership will always work out as the most cost-effective way to train, not to mention there's also a whole host of perks that come with being a member too (think member socials & events as an example).

The Sessions


  • Of course, we’ve got your back. Our sessions/programming is scalable and accessible to everyone.


    Our coaching team will work extremely closely with you when beginning your journey with us to ensure you nail the fundamentals of training.


    Be sure to turn up 15 minutes before your first session for your first-timer induction to the facility.

  • Yes and no, we'll explain this one in a little more depth!


    Depending on the session programmed, you may benefit from a few extra tools, for example:


    During strength-oriented sessions, athletes may benefit from bringing the following:

    - Lifting Belt

    - Lifting Shoes

    - Knee Sleeves

    - Wrist Wraps

    - Wrist Straps


    Whilst none of the above is compulsory, they are without a doubt the most commonly used accessories used by those looking to eek everything out!


    As always, if in doubt, just drop us a message or speak to the coaching team on-site.

  • We have a handful of session types throughout the week, 'Strength & Conditioning, Metcon, Engine Room, Olympic Lifting etc.'


    Every session will run a full 1 hour, the workouts aren't easy, but you will get stronger, leaner and fitter, within a community whose support extends far beyond the gym doors.

  • Almost every session will include both the ‘Rx’ and scaled categories.


    The Rx category would be the prescribed workout with the weights and movements that you would expect to see at a competing level.


    Scaling the workout means you scale back the workload or modify the movements so that the workouts are accessible to all.


    Rest assured, almost all of our members start training at the scaled level and progress with time.


  • If you hold an active Membership, simply head into your Wodify App and fill your boots!


    Those with memberships can book up to 7 days in advance.


    For those looking to drop in once in a while, bookings can be made online via the 'Timetable' page or in-house at our front desk.

  • If the session of desire is full, your Wodify App will immediately prompt you to join the waiting list as a default.


    Our waiting list operates on a first-come-first-served basis, all members on the waiting list will receive an email notifying them of an open space, and the first to respond will be moved into the session so be sure to keep an eye on your emails if you don't want to miss out!


  • Let us help you there!


    Drop us a message or swing by the club and we will gladly make the time to chat everything through with you in a bit more depth.

  • All memberships have a minimum term, so can't be cancelled until after this time period is up.


    Anywhere in these Terms and Conditions where we ask you to give notice of one calendar month or more if you give notice during a month, we will treat it as if we received it on the first day of the following month and the notice period will run from that day.


    For example; if you need to give us one month’s notice to end your membership and we receive your notice on 12 June, your notice will start on 1 July, it will run out on 31 July, your membership will end on 31 July and you will pay one more direct debit (on July 1st) after giving notice.


    All cancellation requests should be sent through to

  • You bet!


    We share out car park with our neighbouring offices, therefore parking is limited during your typical office hours of 09:00-17:00. However, outside of these times, there is ample on-site parking.

  • Hell yeah!


    With both the Elizabeth Line and DLR less than a 5-minute walk from the facility, you almost anywhere in London in a heartbeat.


    Aside from the above, our facility is also less than a 5-minute walk from an abundance of Bus links.

The Facility

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